The Journey Into Miracles


The Journey into Miracles is a powerful, experiential journey, offered to a group of ten by special invitation or application only. It begins with a series of one-on-one sessions with Mynoo Maryel, culminating in a residential retreat and supported by integrations. About Expected Results Program Details Pricing About About The Journey Into Miracles The Journey […]

Living From Source

Living From Source

The Living From Source program clears the runway and prepares us for takeoff into the joy-filled life we were always meant to live. About Program Details Location Pricing About About Living From Source Most of us have experienced mysterious repeating relationship patterns in our lives, which seem only to reveal themselves in retrospect. These patterns […]

Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief

Clearing and Dissolving Whatever Remains in the Way With Mynoo and the Masters on this Plane and Beyond Group Sessions Private Sessions Group Sessions Group clearing sessions are available now! Private Sessions $600 / 2 hour session Sessions are held via Skype or Zoom. Some in-person sessions are available if Mynoo happens to be physically […]

Moment by moment

“Moment by moment Your mind belongs to your imagination Your memories belong to time Your talents belong to circumstances Your body belongs to dust Your relationships are a result of your experiences Your possessions belong to the earth THE MOMENT belongs to you You leave them all behind when you release from this human form. […]


“Hope OR Pride ITS YOUR CHOICE. HOPE Humility Openness Possibilities Enchanting When you humbly open up to enchanting possibilities you experience the joy of Hope. Humility is a powerful practice to activate and invoke an experience of bein gin flow. When you are humble you automatically harmonize your self, and allow the magic of life […]

My sweet Valentine

“My sweet Valentine, you make me happy, you make me gay. You fill my heart with smiles, you make me play. You spread my seeds of desires, all obstacles and demons in my path you slay. My lovely Valentine, you are me, my love for me, my beloved and I take comfort in knowing that […]

Be in your element, what does this even mean?

“Be in your element, what does this even mean? What element are we talking about here, when we use this phrase? The ELEMENT is equivalent to the filament in a light bulb. It is the element that illuminates when we are plugged into our innate unique glow. It is the element that we shine through. […]

Protect Shield and stay safe or enlighten

“Protect Shield and stay safe or enlighten, enliven and awaken… what do you choose? When you are awakened you see your path, its like, you can see clearly now that you have set aside the umbrella you held high to protect yourself from the rain. When you step onto your path and start walking it, […]

Gratitude in the moment

“Gratitude in the moment. We are introducing a fresh angle to the practice of Gratitude. It’s is a practice of presence. Being present in the moment. When you bring your awareness to the moment, your will full mind relaxes and steps out of the way, allowing you to connect to the perfection and beauty that […]

This too shall pass

“This too shall pass, I say a lot and it gives me instant comfort. What is THIS and where shall it PASS to? THIS is all that is not in service of your highest good. Where shall it pass to, it passes on to its own path of light to get transformed or is grounded, […]