GO for JOY BINGEING, to Live an Extraordinary Life!

Seeking joy, success, and happiness in your life, in your career and relationships; with your love interest -partner and with oneself – is it all about being in GRATITUDE and savouring every moment, as a BLESSING?

In today’s time, JOY Bingeing is an important approach to address, in simple ways the increased issues of frustration, insecurity, stress, anxiety, depressions, loneliness, FOMO syndromes etc.

Joy Bingeing, is about savouring, the small moments of ease, love, togetherness, grace, and joy in all areas of life, including with the planet.

Even in testing times, to love and live and Extraordinary Life of abundance of goodness in a full spectrum way that is thriving on all cylinders – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental is magic and miracle; and when you do that, you will automatically land in a state of joy, ease, and grace, omnipresent.

The 7 Simple steps to Go for JOY Bingeing, in your everyday life:

  1. BE in Gratitude. Gratitude is the KEY to peace, joy, love, happiness. Where there is gratitude there is only peace and love. So go on a gratitude binge and rejoice in peace for all times, with self and with others and with the planet
  2. BE in Bliss. Simply count your blessings and the state of bliss becomes your reality.
  3. BE and HAVE. That is the true meaning of ‘behave’ -choose your way of Being and you can have what you intentioned.
  4. Accept the fractured disguise of the human form of the people in your life and draw into the energy of their magnificence, which flows you into the realms of #joy #ease #grace
  5. Accept and Expect Miracles. They are the NORM!
  6. BE Love and you will BE Loved and you become the Beloved! Love is not outside of you or inside of you. It is not about loving someone or someone loving you. As a human, your innate vibration is love, so BE LOVE!
  7. You are born WORTHY. Simply rediscover your worthiness and reclaim your dignity. Dignity is honouring of your own worthiness and from that space honouring it in others, all living beings and the planet, itself.

When you honour dignity, in self and in the others – with nature, self and peers or with your lover and family and friends; the joy and happiness with self and with others, including the planet is alive and flowing.

With Joy Bingeing, the impact of the ups and downs of the daily life struggles – the failures, disappointments etc. impact for a shorter duration – it is about sailing through the tides with minimal impact.

Living with JEGO, that is with JOY, EASE, GRACE harmonises and makes one calm and more sorted out with ‘GRATITUDE’, ‘BLESSINGS and ‘LOVE’, as the mantra to live with!