The 7 Facets of Dignity!

Our everyday business and personal zones, witness, all kinds of inhumane and insane acts. We see, same with our interface with the nature – planet.

It is, not too, say that all is grim and dark, but surely, there is a need …a calling for #restoringdignity …#enriching lives and organisations such as POEM Foundation and initiatives such World Dignity Forum and Dignifylife Campaign, are committed to the same!

Enriching Lives and Restoring Dignity, is a life calling for me personally, too!

Here is how the 7 facets of Dignity, when understood well, enrich, and empower life:

  1. Dignity is all about honouring of your own worthiness and from that space honouring it in others and in the planet.
  2. Dignity is what we are born with. We are born with an innate knowing of our worthiness and an innate ability to honour our own worthiness. Often, in the human form, we have an undertone of questioning of our own worthiness and that is where we begin to adversely impact our own dignity and worthiness and from there in others.
  3. The third facet of dignity is that it cannot be destroyed or destructed. It is as powerful and strong from the day we are born – the first breath day till the last breath day.
  4. When you ignore your own worthiness, your own dignity; you give yourself the permission to rip others of their dignity and yours own. You demean and dis-honour yourself, others, and the planet too.
  5. Dignity is the ‘divinity’, the ‘grace’ and ‘love’ that exists within each of us. Honour and be in gratitude of the divine presence that is within each of us to experience miracles as the norm, in everyday live.
  6. Dignity is related to your soul’s journey. So that your worthiness and the remembrance of that always exists within you.
  7. Dignity – nobody can give it to you- nobody can take it away. It is yours. Only you can choose to ignore it. When you ignore it over a sustained period, then you may start to feel low, lost, anxious, depleted, depressed, and drained.

Dignity is a thread that connects every little aspect of that which comes together to make this planet as a planet that delivers to everyone. This has become weakened and it is broken. It is time to resurrect that, rejuvenate that and restore that for the betterment of humanity and the planet!