Living from Source

Coming Soon!

Living from SOURCE will connect you to your own unique mastery. It will reveal the essence of who you are and divulge the intention of your soul in this lifetime. The knowledge contained in this book will put you at the source of your life, allowing it to unfold into something extraordinary, filled with harmony, ease, joy and grace.

This practical guide compares life to a game. Like a game, life has a goal, an intention that we set for ourselves unconsciously. We achieve that intention constantly, like a game set permanently to Easy. The result is a lack of fulfilment and repeated patterns that generate frustration.

Uncovering your unconscious intention opens a connection to your essence, to the intention of your soul. This intention is the real goal of your game of life; it’s the only game in town.

Living from SOURCE is for people in transition. It’s for people who have enjoyed success but now feel a calling for something deeper. It’s for people who no longer want to live by other people’s agendas, who want to bring clarity into their lives, and live their dreams with ease, joy and grace.