Juicy Choices

bridge with stairs at a crossroad

Choice; the nuance of what exactly you are choosing. We are always choosing, even when we choose not to make a choice. The question today is to connect to what exactly are we choosing when we make our choices. We are, in fact, choosing the underlying vibrations that we perceive will arise from the choice […]

Casting Spells

magical tree emits spells and magic

Spellbound; we often use this phrase when we feel charmed or positively enchanted. We also have another phrase that we apply sometimes, “casting a spell”. Whilst it may seem like a positive thing, the innate quality of a spell is to establish and reinforce boundaries to such an extent that the being who is spellbound […]


black rocks being washed over by water

Permission is the permit you give yourself to be on track, following your mission. Permission is an act reserved for you by you. It’s an act we actively engage in at a conscious and subconscious level. We are often giving ourselves permission or taking it away. Only you have the right to exercise this right […]


rainbow bird sitting on a branch

Beauty-full, wonder-full, colour-full, joy-full, awe-full, bliss-full, care-full, cheer-full, grace-full, force-full, gain-full, bounty-full … are each a complete phrase. For example, ‘awe-full’ is something, someone or some place that fills you with awe, rather than awful. Beautiful is full of beauty. Wonderful is filled with wonder. Graceful is blessed full with grace. Forceful is powered with […]

Embrace Yourself

"be you" written in the sand

Embrace yourself and you will never embarrass yourself. When you make the choice to embrace yourself and act on your choosing, you unconditionally accept all facets and aspects of you. Start viewing yourself in a different light, the light of love kindness and compassion. As you do this often, and more often, until it becomes […]

Redefine DNA

weird colored DNA, molten lava

Today is the day I was conceived. It’s the day my soul took action on its choice to come into this world through my chosen mother and father. I understand now that this moment of conception is the moment that defines our destiny, should we choose to receive and accept the embedded unanswered quests of […]

Make it Your Day

fireworks spraying out of a circle

Rejoicing, celebrating, rejuvenating, recognizing and magnifying celebrations. Today is the day, the first day of the rest of your life. It’s the day you unplug and make your definitive choice to come alive. Live, breathe, be and rejoice. Create your own festivities as you step in and emerge into your own light. The gold is […]

Stillness and Silence

sand dunes in morocco desert

Stillness or silence; You can be in silence and internally be in turmoil or you can be still whilst actively engaged in doing things of your choice. These are two very distinct states and each, if done with intention and awareness, supports the other. Both are necessary and require active engagement and presence when you […]

With or Against the Tide

rocky ocean tide coming in

Swimming with the tide or pushing against it. Pushing against the tide, we know can be hard work, and yet so many of us do this. It’s as if it provides proof of our strength or as I have heard people say, it strengthens our core or completes our karma. Others claim that it is […]

Happiness is Your Choice

tired old man sitting by a wall

Depleting Happiness. There is only one way of depleting the amount of happiness you allow yourself to enjoy. That is to give over control of your happiness to other people, or to outside circumstances or occurrences. Only you have the power to make you happy. Everyone else is just getting on with what they choose […]