Today is the opening of the great grand gates of manifestation. We enter the manifestation portal today. Anything and everything that you consciously choose or desire, you manifest from today on. So it is an invitation to each one of us, to step into our conscious awareness as we step across the grand gates of […]


Glow, flow, slow, love and you are in tow, in complete alignment and in tune with your light, the light that is never extinguished or eclipsed, the light that can never be switched off or accidentally fused. The light that is always at your disposal to shine its beam, lighting up the darkness that prevents […]

You are your mother.

On International women’s day as we celebrate WOMEN, woman hood and the divine feminine I share this message. Acknowledging and honoring the most precious presence of the divine feminine in action, Motherhood: “You are your mother Your own creator. You give birth to yourself everyday, give yourself the unconditional love you give your child Give […]

Maha Shivratri.

Tonight is Maha Shivratri. One of the most powerful nights when the battle stations of good versus dark are in full activation led to victory through the powerful vibrations of the Tandav dance by lord Shiva. It is a night where he performs his destined role as the destroyer of all that does not serve […]

Exquisite, enchanting relationships.

Exquisite, enchanting relationships.  How wonderful this sounds.  And it is.  You achieve this in no time at all, results guaranteed, with any one anytime anywhere.  Transcending cultural norms and boundaries, overcoming barriers of language or abilities.  You do this by first having this exquisite enchanting relationship with you.  Start with you and you finish up […]

Where there is light, there is no darkness.

Where there is light there is no darkness. Our experience of darkness in the past has only been to highlight the contrast and invite light in. We are star dust and stars have their own innate light. We do too, its up to us to flick that switch on and we have light. Each one […]


Its the 4th of March, the day to MARCH FORTH in our truth, expressing and celebrating who we are. Receiving accepting and welcoming us in our presence whilst being present to all that is. I randomly came across this message from my mother, given to me by her three years after she crossed over. A […]

Reimagine life itself.

 Its no longer just about reimagining your looks, your city, your career, your relationship, your friendships, your home, your style, your wardrobe, your make up.  Its time to reimagine life itself.  This is the energy of this time and its time to surf this wave.  So if  anything was possible and there were no barriers […]

Be present.

Be present to your presence and you magnify the magnificence in your presence.  You become the present that people desire and your gifts multiply as you unfold, and they unwrap the gifts that arise from your present.

How to create a masterpiece.

Joining the dots to create your masterpiece.  It is piecing together of your connection to your mastery not plastering over it.  Its time to recognize, that you are the master you have been seeking.  You have what you have always desired in  other.  In fact what you have been seeking in another, up until now, […]

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