Leap day, Leap, frog, Leap on!

Leap day, Leap frog, Leap on.  Go forth and multiply. Today is leap year day and there has been a strong energy build up leading up to this day. I received yesterday what is being set in motion today. This is a leap year, so these energy shifts will remain the focus as the planet […]

Happiness and Hope.

The happiness quotient is directly proportional to HOPE.  HOPE has four parts: Humility Openness Possibilities Enchanting You are happy when you can be open to  enchanting possibilities, unconditionally accepting and receiving the blessings with grace and humility.  When ego enters, it is a toxin added to this exquisite elixir of HOPE.  The more you stay […]

Magic is your charm.

Magic is in your charm.  Your unique blend of charm is in your Magnificent, Authentic Glowing Inspiration Culminating.  Thats the magic of you.  Know this, own it, step into your own charming shoes and share, spray, spread the splendor of your magic.

Miracles ARE the norm!

Miracles ARE the norm.  Just look at you, look around you, look within you, look about you.  There is so much you can see that is just plain simply miraculous.  The fact that you can see is miraculous, you can read this, hear your words, see colors, be still on a planet that is moving […]

Joy is an action YOU take!

Joy is an action YOU take.  Choose joy and you will feel joyous even just in making this choice.   As life happens you have the freedom to choose how you act and react.  Choose joy as your modus operandi and see for yourself, your world will transform.  The people, opportunities, places, experiences you will […]

Illness is a matter of choice.

Illness is a matter of choice.  It is true that from time to time, you may feel dis ease and your body may require additional rest or maybe fighting off an infection.  All of these are passing phases.  Remaining ill for a prolonged period of time is a choice you make.  This choice is held […]

Happiness is a decision you make.

Happiness is a decision you make.  It is a choice you take.  It is an experience you decide to enjoy.  Given that it is a decision that YOU make, you can do this at any moment.  You can decide that something that is bothersome, in fact is funny and feel happy about it.  What you […]

Moment by moment

“Moment by moment Your mind belongs to your imagination Your memories belong to time Your talents belong to circumstances Your body belongs to dust Your relationships are a result of your experiences Your possessions belong to the earth THE MOMENT belongs to you You leave them all behind when you release from this human form. […]


“Hope OR Pride ITS YOUR CHOICE. HOPE Humility Openness Possibilities Enchanting When you humbly open up to enchanting possibilities you experience the joy of Hope. Humility is a powerful practice to activate and invoke an experience of bein gin flow. When you are humble you automatically harmonize your self, and allow the magic of life […]

My sweet Valentine

“My sweet Valentine, you make me happy, you make me gay. You fill my heart with smiles, you make me play. You spread my seeds of desires, all obstacles and demons in my path you slay. My lovely Valentine, you are me, my love for me, my beloved and I take comfort in knowing that […]

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