Mynoo Maryel: BE words can invite miracles for you in 2017

Spiritual healer, Mynoo Maryel is a corporate leader turned seer, who lives in Bali. Her ‘The BE book’ is an amazon bestseller. In an exclusive interview, she tells us about a seven-day ‘BE’ plan that can help one invite miracles in life, in 2017. “To BE or not to BE, that is the question. I […]

7 Ways to Keep a Calm Mind Under Stress at Work – Business Insider, India

“As the founder of the Inspired Leaders Network in London, I worked with the top leadership teams of major Fortune 500 corporations including IBM, Morgan Stanley, Shell, Amazon, Barclays Bank and several others. I was a workaholic go getter who was laden with the four chronic virtues of stress, high BP, diabetes, hyper tension, thyroid […]

Balance Work with Life – Business Insider, India

“When you understand that there is great strength in balance, you can be powerful and yet be balanced.” During my journey into self liberation, I discovered a conscious set of practices that allow any of us to achieve this balance. Here are ten ways I have distilled to balance work with life: Read the full […]

When Enough is Enough – Female First Article

Mynoo Maryel

“We seek love outside of us to complete us, fill the gap and make us whole. As a result, in challenging times the gap widens and the relationship breaks down. Rage, anger, frustration and regret run rampant. . . It’s time to stop the pattern. In sharing how you can do this, I draw on the […]

Be Your Own Guru – Published in Kindred Spirit

“The most important gift of becoming our own guru is the complete freedom to make our choices, act upon them and ultimately, call the shots.  That realisation is frightening too, as we recognise that there is nothing anyone or anything can do to us that is superfluous to our growth. So how do we do […]

Lightening Magazine Article

Mynoo describes her awakening to a new way of approaching life and the awareness of her calling to create a foundation aimed at restoring and preserving fundamental dignity for the planet and all of its inhabitants. She was given powerful insight into the necessary healing as well as the tools to make it possible. “As I […]

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