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About the Daily Downloads

Mynoo Maryel, founder of the PoEM Foundation, is committed to restoring dignity and enriching lives. Out of this deep desire, she has undergone a profound personal transformation. As a result, Mynoo has been blessed with the gift of an opening, a gateway into Source energy and the ability to receive guidance directly in the form of “downloads”. These are messages from the Divine and are brought through Mynoo for the immediate benefit of those who are ready to receive it. They are delivered with intention and contain the wisdom to enrich the experience of life and guide you to tap into who you truly are.

We invite you to experience this wisdom and apply what resonates with your soul. As always, we welcome the sharing of your revelations as you implement these into your life.

Journey into Miracles – The Dolomites, Italy

Dolomite Mountains – Northern Italy Experience the magic of the Journey into Miracles in the Dolomites, the sacred Italian mountains with its many hidden and tangibly-evident energy vortices. It is a gateway to heaven that opens up, as ancient history is being unveiled and revealed for humans for the first time in millennia. We are the first Miracle Consciousness group to connect and dive...

PoEM Stillness Retreat – Bhutan

Bhutan Dynamic Stillness Retreat – November 8 – 19, 2017 Stillness is not about sitting on one place and being silent. Stillness is about being in our center no matter what is occurring around us. In Bhutan we will have experiences that will awaken, invigorate, activate and vitalize every sense we possess. In doing so, it will bring us to desiring to talk about it, share it with each...

Journey into Miracles – The Big Island, Hawaii

The Location We are staying on a small, picture-perfect private island, one that has been stewarded by generations of whale-whisperers. The island is situated in a natural “in the wild” nursery for the humpback whales, right where they come to birth and nurse their young ones. It is indeed a transformational experience to be guided into their presence by Ken and our gracious local...

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