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About the Daily Downloads

Mynoo Maryel, founder of the PoEM Foundation, is committed to restoring dignity and enriching lives. Out of this deep desire, she has undergone a profound personal transformation. As a result, Mynoo has been blessed with the gift of an opening, a gateway into Source energy and the ability to receive guidance directly in the form of “downloads”. These are messages from the Divine and are brought through Mynoo for the immediate benefit of those who are ready to receive it. They are delivered with intention and contain the wisdom to enrich the experience of life and guide you to tap into who you truly are.

We invite you to experience this wisdom and apply what resonates with your soul. As always, we welcome the sharing of your revelations as you implement these into your life.

Sweet Relief Group Clearings

What If Something’s Holding You Back That Just Won’t Shift? (Even If You’re Not Sure What It Is)   Special Sweet Relief Group Clearing Session, Nov 11th 10am EST New York (USA – New York) 10:00:00 EST UTC-5 hours Brussels (Belgium) 16:00:00 CET UTC+1 hour UTC (Time Zone) 15:00:00 UTC UTC Los Angeles (USA – California) 07:00:00 PST UTC-8 hours Abu Dhabi (UAE- Abu Dhabi) 19:00:00...

Miracle Mindfulness

Practical guidance on moving from monkey mind to miracle mind. Practical guidance on moving from monkey mind to miracle mind. In order for us to be fully awake to the miracles within us and all around us, we must first be ready and open to receive them. And that, dear friends, requires the capacity to BE still. Are you ready for relief from the constant nagging of doubts, worries, regrets, vague...

Live a life full of miracles!

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