silhouette of woman standing with arms wideAn unusual message from the authentic energy of LOVE this morning:

“Act AS IF; act as if you are the luckiest person alive. Act as if you adorn the most amazing beauty of anyone you know. Act as if you are flooded with sooooo much to be grateful for. Act as if you are THE BELOVED. Act as if you are as prosperous as you want to be. Act as if all your desires are met. Act as if you have the Midas touch and whatever you touch turns into the GOLD you desire. Act as if every moment of you being alive is a moment filled with joy. Act as if you have all you could want for. Act as if you have the magical powers of manifesting anything you could ever want, when you desire it.

Act as if you are perfectly healthy and have the capacity to heal yourself. Act as if you are the bee’s knees. You are the gift from the universe we have all been waiting for. Act as if your talents, experiences and expertise is in high demand. Act as if every word you utter is a gift you give to the people and the world around you. Act as if YOU are the ultimate GURU the world has been waiting for. Act as if all your dreams are coming true.

What if all of these were real, what would be going on in your life, in your being? Act as if you have it all and tune yourself to the vibrations of you. This is your truth and this is what you have been waiting for. Know that you already have it all and receive yourself in your full glory and majestic, miraculous, magical, manifested magnificence.

What are you waiting for? Step forward and your non-believer self will automatically step aside. It’s just a matter of you walking in your stride. We welcome you to come forth and multiply your loving gifts and talents. Present who you are inside to the outside. It’s time.”

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