2 people jumping for joySnap and be happy; BE happy and snap out of whatever is causing stress. Being happy is a matter of choice. There are many, many triggers that you can use as tools to switch your mode into happiness. It is a state of being you choose and joy returns in spades and spades. It is a click of a finger transformation. So let’s look at some practices you can use to transform your state of being in an instant. Smile, just the act of smiling switches your state in an instant. Try being sad and smiling, it takes some effort. Look at blooming flowers, savor a sunrise or a sunset, look at the waves of the ocean, put your feet in it. See the color orange in any form. If you have a pet, then just BE with it and allow it to serve you in its own way, smile a big beaming smile at it, happiness returns, rejoicing initiates and you snap out of whatever was keeping you down. Snap your fingers, create an association and from that point on, anytime you snap you BEcome Happy and snap out of distress.

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