white statue of buddhaThe energy of Buddha and the blessing vibrations of Bodhisattvas calls to us in this channeling:

“Every incident of shock or distress triggers a step change in your connectivity to the calling of your soul. It is in those moments that we serve you the gift of becoming enlightened, awakened and enlivened. If you notice what got opened up within you, what new understanding you developed, what lessons you learned, what got shown to you as a result of having gone though the situation of distress and trauma, you will plug into the enlightenment and awakening that we just served you.

It is in those moments that you receive the deepest nurturing and nourishment for your soul. We invite you to focus on that and then the nurturing multiplies. When you focus on the traumatic incident, you multiply the vibration of trauma and distress.

Remember that whatever you give energy to, you get more of. So place the lamp of enlightenment in your heart and feel its warmth in moments of stress. That is the first step to becoming enlivened to the enlightenment and awakening within you.

In times of distressing global incidents, the same process occurs. It’s our duty, those of us who are connected to our light, to get plugged in and give ourselves permission to beam out our enlightenment to enliven and awaken the vibrations of the world.”

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