Diwali downloadOn 11/11 as the Indian people were waking up to celebrate the holy festival of Diwali and bring in the New Year, this message was channeled from Goddess Lakshmi. On this date, the gates of manifestation are wide open for any and all of us to step across, so crossing the threshold, here is the message, received with intent to act wisely and with velocity:

“Prosperity is abundant and is in us, around us, about us, coming to us and at us from all directions from sources known and unknown. We can choose to duck and dive and hide so it doesn’t find us and it will pass us by. Or we can allow it to find us.

It takes some serious effort to avoid being prosperous. If we just allow, it flows effortlessly to us and through us to realize the calling and missions of our soul. When it passes us by, it is because we create hurdles, blocks and disruptions. We do so by the undertones of worry, anxiety, stress, lack of self love, or questioning our worth.

How about putting all of these self-generated and self-created disruptions aside. How about, going into our full majestic magnificence and wearing our shoes, walking our path. We will come into our full presence which is so expansive as we rise and become tall, towering over the blocks and hurdles. They just become little stepping stones that we can just knock out of the way to one side. Spreading our arms wide, in acceptance of all that we receive to fulfill the intentions we set for our lives.

Wishing all of us a powerful lightness of being as we fulfill all that we came here to do and manifest our true deep desires in exactly the perfect way that serves our highest good. Go forth and multiply your light, your lightness of being and bask in the warmth of your connection to your soul.”

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