girl sitting on a bench stressing outUnderstanding of stress, hot off the press: Stress is a chosen reaction. It is how we choose to react to any situation, person or place. It is a self-motivated and self-created and self-generated response. You have the freedom to choose your response in any event. You can choose to respond coming from fear and that reaction is stressful or choose to come from a space of love and that reaction is peaceful. So when you feel a situation warrants a response and you get reactivated, agitated or anxious, before going all the way into a full blown reaction, pause a moment and consciously choose your response. Own your choice. As you do this you step into your power and reclaim the control you had given over to external factors. It’s time to bring it all back where it belongs. Knowing that you are in control of all that is occurring and will occur in the future. Reclaim your rightful place in living out your life. Stress releases and anxiety departs, worry becomes a situation to be managed with ease and grace.

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