temple in a forestMy cells sparkled after being washed in the gush of the river Ganga. I felt the perfectly formed vibrations in the water flowing through my cells. I visualized the happy snowflake crystals emanating from within me filled with love, kindness and compassion in grace and gratitude as I connected deep within and received the wisdom left for us all by her grand holiness the Goddess embodied in River Ganga:

“Glorious, grace, grandeur, greatness, gold, glee all is present and multiplied a gazillion fold in the vibrations of gratitude. We invite you to be in gratitude in every state of mind, in any strata of society, in any social status or public standing and all of the glowing ‘G’ words come gushing into you with the gift of experiences to grow your bank of memories of the impact of gratitude.

You BE and come and become into you, you experience that infatuated infectious smile as your heart opens and beams the presence of your light. You are truly madly deeply in love and this time you flaunt this with pride.

Feeling YOU in your full glowing grandeur, standing in your greatness, sharing and beaming your glorious experiences as you make your grand entrance into the next phase of your life. You come ALIVE and we welcome your presence into your light.”

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