I have been in a valley in the Himalayas on the banks of river Ganga. It’s been incredible. I have been experiencing magical light phenomenon and miracles galore. You can’t but be constantly aware of the power of the this river to put you in an instant meditative zone of deep connection. It takes seconds.

I connected to the knowledge that this water has the power to retain its pristine purity. It is the spirit that lights us up, the spirit of aliveness. In my gift to you this Friday, I share the answer to the question: “Why can the waters of the River Ganga never be contaminated?” Watch my video here:

The river teaches us a way of retaining our own magnificence in all situations. Enjoy and share your experiences in our community.

I am now in Mumbai, in a city that never sleeps. I am sure it has its own magical surprises in store.

With love until we connect again.

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