nevada, Fire Valley Rock formationThis message of grace and gratitude that I was given emerged as the ten commandments of Gratitude on the Fire Arch rock formation from Utah. I was showered with gratitude as I awoken to the world, giving thanks for all that is, has occurred and will be. The best moment to indulge in graceful gracious gratitude is the moment of now. The most important thing to be grateful for is our ability to experience and live out this moment and do so moment by moment. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy harvesting the fruits of all that we have worked on, worked through in our lives, to this point, that makes us who we are today. Choose to execute your choice, choose the choice of gratitude.

Here are the ten commandments of Gratitude:
Gratitude is the key to peace.
Fill your presence with gratitude and peace is the consequence.
When you are in gratitude, you attract more to be grateful for.
Gratitude opens the door to limitless possibilities.
Gratitude is the secret sauce for exquisite relationships.
Gratitude provides the flair for romance.
Gratitude is the celebration of life.
Gratitude jumpstarts feeling ALIVE.
Gratitude is always a conscious CHOICE.
There is always something you can be grateful for in any situation.
CHOOSE to exercise your choice.
CHOOSE the choice of gratitude

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