Rusted lock sitting on a blue-green doorGratitude in the moment. We are introducing a fresh angle to the practice of gratitude. It is a practice of presence, being present in the moment.

When you bring your awareness to the moment, your willful mind relaxes and steps out of the way, allowing you to connect to the perfection and beauty that is all already there, the abundance of richness in everything that surrounds you and is in your grasp.

You start becoming deeply grateful and it multiplies without any effort from you. When you come into the rhythm and flow of gratitude, a chain reaction sets off and one thing leads to another and another and multiplies, deepening and expanding at the same time, at a rate that is beyond your control.

You get swept in the wake of its powerful embrace and uplifted by its force. Gratitude is all that you are in the presence of, experiencing, enriching and expressing it through all aspects and facets of your being.

Your core settles into a deep state of certainty and peace is the result. All of this whilst you continue your celebration of gratitude, in each moment, moment by moment. Gratitude is the key to peace.

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