tired old man sitting by a wallDepleting Happiness. There is only one way of depleting the amount of happiness you allow yourself to enjoy. That is to give over control of your happiness to other people, or to outside circumstances or occurrences.

Only you have the power to make you happy. Everyone else is just getting on with what they choose to do. Even natural disasters or big global events outside of your control, just occur. We have the choice to allow theses to make us happy or sad or angry or fearful.

Our response or reaction to anyone or anything is of our choosing. Once we own our power, we can regain the control we had given away to others. We can steer the direction and speed of our own life as we live it out and come alive.

Whilst we view the controls as outside of us, then we are allowing ourselves to be shunted around and our life becomes a collection of reactive experiences. You feel you have no choice and the prison you carry yourself in gets build around you. It is as if you allow yourself to get buried alive with just a little opening to keep the breath going.

So how about it then? Reclaim your happiness. It is only a matter of your choice. You say if you are happy and you say if you are sad or angry. These are reactions of your choosing. What is your choice?

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