lake in the center of a redwood forestI visited Norway this morning as I was guided to work on clearing blocks obstructing my sister-in-law’s health. We called on the energies of the fjords, the mountains, lakes and the skies in that part of our planet. Energetically it was very nurturing and nourishing and the unusual lights at this time of the year supported my work within her physical casing. Here is the message for us all to receive from the five elements in that region:

“The Earth is a magical place and as you travel through different parts in your meditative journeys, we are reactivating the innate healing abilities of the planet. It’s being prepared to recalibrate itself and return to its optimum normal state.

Humans will play their part to enrich this process and some will deplete it and continue to do so. Your job is to focus the power of self-healing into the different layers that make up this planet; the layers that go under the ground and those that go deep into the atmosphere, stratosphere and beyond.

The planet could do with help, and talking draws attention to it, so it is useful. Practical action is necessary too. We have chosen you, the people that share and spread the wisdom and the medium of Facebook, the largest nation, to support this process energetically. Reactivating the self-healing and self-correction abilities of the planet and all the beings in it, is the key to achieving optimum health all around.

Keep the intention of gratitude in every moment as you go about your day and it lifts the vibration holographically across the planet. It touches so many living beings that it multiplies the spread of the attitude of gratitude and peace starts to enter and neutralize the anxiety-generating actions and activities.

Keep going no matter what until you are completely engulfed in the vibe of grace. The process has begun. Keep at it, keep it going and its impact will expand, extend and reach beyond anything you can imagine. We thank you for stepping up and putting aside any fears or embarrassments. Thank you”

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