angel floating above the earthI connected this morning to a particular point in the journey of the setting sun when the sun’s rays became a laser sharp beam and here is the message they shared with us:

“The laser sharp beam is a light phenomenon and has scientific explanations to keep the busy human intellectual mind occupied. Energetically we cause every single rotation of your planet around its own axis by bringing together the energy of heaven on earth.

We show the sign to those who will see it and those who will receive and accept that the energies of heaven are on this earth. We bless every place on this planet every day with signs reinforcing this connection.

The message here is that you choose, your experiences. You can choose to experience heaven or hell. All is here, right in front of you, around you, inside you, outside of you, surrounding you. You know what you are choosing from the words you speak, the feeling you feel and what shows up for you to deal with. It’s never too late, whatever you are dealing with, wherever you are, there is a sliver of heaven that is there for you to distill, connect with and take with you.

Raising your vibes and your vibrational frequencies has a powerful effect. Every person emanating a vibrational frequency of love reaches out and touches over 700,000 people and the vibrational frequency of gratitude beams out and touches over 1.5 million people.

Every day, connect to the laser beam time, even if you cannot see it. Know that it is there, just know it and it is coming your way every day. Grab it and get plugged into the heaven experience on this earth. Bring it into your world and it starts to impact the world you live in. Beam it in, into you and you automatically beam out. It’s time.”

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