glass ball being held in the winter timeIt’s time for deep rest, reassurance and relieving relaxation during these holidays. We have come through the eye of the needle on the Solstice just past. The journey getting there was a challenging one filled with trepidation and concern. Now all that is gone, so get some deep rest and allow your cellular recalibration to occur.

All that does not serve your highest good can be released with ease comfort and grace. Filling your heart with joy, enabling and accelerating your journey of being the love that you are with a magnetic charisma attracting love, experiencing and enjoying getting comfortable in your magnificent magnificence.
Happy joyous rebirthing this Christmas. Reclaiming full, free control of your life so you can come alive having successfully crossed the eye of the needle.

As you awaken and emerge into the new world order your style is in your smile. You adorn your inner beauty. You live out love romancing and co-creating bright new adventures nourished and nurtured in your light. Dancing to the sounds of nature to the rhythm of your soul.

Enjoy. Happy, hopeful, home-coming holidays.

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