reflection of floating seed on waterThe sunrise is in your cells. There is a fire in your belly. You are fired up. Your mojo has returned. They are all reminders of a basic fact – that just as your Earth rotates around the fiery sun at the centre of your planetary system, it also revolves around the fiery centre of its core. Likewise, your physical being is a collection of cells and in the nucleus of each cell, is the energy of the fiery sun that powers cellular movement and cellular regeneration. This keeps your body in good stead, filling it with the lifeforce that provides the vitality to come alive.

It is a reminder that your inside is reflected in your outside. So whatever is going on in your outside world is fired by, propelled by what’s going on inside of you. It’s the same for your fellow human beings.

So, if you feel your world is in turmoil, look for the turmoil within you. Find it, learn from it, release the cause of the inner turmoil, and the outside calms down automatically. If you feel that the world is going in the wrong direction, then search out where this is occurring within you. Address your being and that shifts the choices you make and your world transforms.

You can now multiply this with the number of people you interact with and keep applying the multiplying power until you include all the humans that populate this planet. What do you get? A world that matches the cumulative reflection of what’s going on within the humans that populate it.

What is inside you is reflected outside of you. This is the basic principle that underpins mass hysteria, mass anything, that transforms the world outside of you. Start with you and see your world transform, and the people in your circle will adopt your transformation and it grows and multiplies from there.

To transform the world, you first transform your world and to do that you transform you. You do this by lifting your vibration, connecting to your inner divinity and feeling the sun rise in every cell of your being. The sunshine emanating from within you is unstoppable and permeates your every cell and touches those that are in your world and sets off the chain reaction.

Be aware of your thoughts and vibrations and if you must manage anything, it’s just that. As you shift and lift your vibration, your world transforms and your planet emerges into its full magnificence. The sun truly rises in your every cell. The fire in your belly returns and you are fired up. Anything is possible and there are no barriers at all; you just go forth and multiply.

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