girl holding a lit sparklerUsually the energy of the New Year takes until the Chinese New Year to set in motion. This year it has started kicking in since the 4th of January and by the 10th it will be well and truly set. So it’s no surprise that in my travels I have been receiving short, sharp and crisp messages that support the action we put into practice to rise and ride the waves of collaboration, cooperation, co-creation and celebration energies of 2016.

Here are a few photos for the first 5 days of January with the message instructions. Enjoy and share widely as you put these simple actions into practice.

“1st Jan: Be Happy
To be HAPPY, smile.
Then swallow that first smile.
Smile as it travels through your digestive tract and reaches your pancreas.
Feel the sweetness spread across your organs.
Smile even more.
Feel the Happy feeling.
Keep going.

2nd Jan: Feel Joy
To feel JOY, jump like you can touch the sky

3rd Jan: Feel Beautiful
(there were no instructions for this one)

4th Jan: Enjoy Peace
To experience PEACE,share gratitude.
For gratitude is the KEY to peace.
When gratitude thrives peace is the result.

5th Jan: Be in Bliss
To be in BLISS
Count your blessings.”

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