candle being held by a pair of handsThis message comes from a photograph of a recently fertilized human egg, carrying the message about the origin of life:

“The origin of life is in the light; the light that guides the way for the millions of spermatozoa making their way to the waiting egg. It is the bling that sparkles on first contact. Life originates in aliveness that is illuminated through the light. Even in the deepest of darkness there is a hidden light waiting to be revealed, and the moment you make that first contact, the bling leaks out, the sparkle shines through and it’s not dark any more. From that point on we are alive. Life is in action: touching, moving, inspiring, activating, mobilizing. Aliveness, fueled by life force.

The secret is to make the contact with our inner light and allow our sparkle to shine through. Even in the darkest of moments, know that place is always there within us, our pilot flame, that sparks on contact. Go within, connect and your beam is inevitable. Your only job is to make contact and allow. The spark ignites and you are light up, lighting up your world inside and out.”

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