meditating person with colors around themNow it’s all about PRESENCE. Give yourself the gift of presence. It is the most potent awakening enlightenment device you have ever encountered. You had the choice of presence all along, it was always a choice you could make. We stop being present to ourselves, our presence to the world depletes rapidly and we start getting desensitized to the goings on around us.

Start with being present to yourself, your choices, your actions your experiences. Expand your circle and get present to your loved ones, your partners, your children, pets, parents, friends, siblings.

Expand again and this time start including the environment you are in, get present to the concrete, the trees, the birds, the butterflies, the bees, the sand, the insects and pests, the ocean breeze, the fish in the water, the flapping of sea lions, the sun, the sea, the moon, the rain and the rainbows.

Now start bringing it all together as you settle in for a meal and get present to the nuances of all that contributed to the nourishment you are about to receive. This approach will ensure that any damaging pesticides and chemicals are coated in the blessings of gratitude with the presence that you share with your food. You contain their damaging effects and support your body to safely release these whilst you continue to enjoy the joys of ease and grace that arise from being in PRESENCE.

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