sunset over the water with clouds in the wayMoment by moment

“Your mind belongs to your imagination
Your memories belong to time
Your talents belong to circumstances
Your body belongs to dust
Your relationships are a result of your experiences
Your possessions belong to the earth

The MOMENT belongs to you.

You leave them all behind when you release from this human form.

You come alive in each moment
You feel whole and complete when you live out each moment
You are in your power when you are in the moment

Each moment enriches you, nourishes your mind body and soul

Live it
Love it
Embrace it
Enjoy it
And feel the magic as miracles unfold

The moment belongs to you.”

This message was inspired this morning by Lord Krishna. When we are in the moment, we are in the presence of divinity in all that we engage with in the moment. We are in the bosom of divine grace and experiencing this fully. There is no opportunity to create bad karma, there is only what is and we are in the full experience of the majestic magnificence of what is. This is the beauty of the moment and being in it.

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