man with scruffy beard sitting on road-sideToday’s message came with a beautiful showering of light and sparkles by Goddess Laxmi reminding us about the transformed energy of money. It’s my pleasure to share this uninterrupted showering of prosperity as a beautiful reminder of the new energy that money embodies:

“Money is the gift from GOD, given in the hands of humans, to make this planet a place of pure love and joy. It’s time to spread the vibration of allowing. It is the art of allowing, the science of allowing the business of allowing. Once you allow, you are open and ready to receive and then it’s your privilege and choice to accept what has been given to you.

With this new gift of the energy of money, the more you allow yourself to use it to make this planet a place of pure love and joy, the more you receive. You powerfully stand in your strength being a choice in the matter whilst an uninterrupted flow of prosperity, a flood of abundance, wealth and money continues.”

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