gaiaIt’s Mother Gaia today, connecting strongly and sharing her perspective with us as channeled 12th November, the New Year in Dubai:

“It’s that time of the year when we guide you to go inside. Inside of you, into the central core of your being. At our core we hold the sun, with its storms, molten rock and lots and lots of natural divine light. Rich in minerals and wisdom, water and gold, precious metals and devices that are yet unrevealed.

We invite you to go within, into your inside and with your eyes closed, allow your cells to reveal to you the gems, the rubies, emeralds and sapphires, the gifts, the gold, the platinum the revelations of the treasures untold. Connect to your uniqueness and what you bring to the world. It’s time for you to ALLOW yourself to accept who you are in your full eclectic glory. Stand up tall and put on your running shoes and take your dancing boots with you too, so when you step outside, you will be ready to roll. Hop, skip, run and play and you get going. You will meet the playmates and the beloved who will all come out to step into your sparkling light and share the spreading of your delight.

It’s time to rise above the story that disenchanted you and dimmed your light. It’s time to leave it where it belongs – in the past. You step out into your perfect clearing that is all set to receive your gifts and talents and share with the world outside. We are here to support your resurgence and are a stand for you to now show us your true underlying magnificent side. Welcome aboard, the curtains are drawn, the audience is waiting, so reveal who you are as we applaud you stepping out in your full might.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and tomorrow is another and another to follow. Co-create each one every day and notice the MAGIC IS IN THE MOMENT”

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