fireworks of the coast of a cityGlowing, grace, generous gratitude, grinding, gladly, growing, gracious completion of the old year.

“It’s time to share deep and share wide, acknowledging the contributions made to you and your life by every person, personality, place and happening that occurred in the year just gone. Receiving with thanks the lessons illuminated by them and accepting the gifts that arise from that.

Even if the experiences were unsavory, as time goes by, you will see the gift in the contrast. Doing so illuminates that which is in your highest good. It gets to work in serving you perfectly, to ground yourself in your presence, upholding your majestic magnificence, ready, set and prepared to go forth and fly.

Allow yourself to receive the flow of abundance of happiness, ease and joy being lasered towards you. Experience the anticipation, enjoy the thrill of what is occurring and manifesting with each breath you take, every choice you make and decisions you implement. It’s your time to rise, emerge, arrive and shine.

Make each moment count by counting the gifts in the moments that made up your experiences. Be present, alive, alert in the awesomeness of the celebrations tonight.”

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