black rocks being washed over by waterPermission is the permit you give yourself to be on track, following your mission. Permission is an act reserved for you by you. It’s an act we actively engage in at a conscious and subconscious level. We are often giving ourselves permission or taking it away.

Only you have the right to exercise this right of permission.

The way the cycle works is this: You make the choice, you accept your choice and then you give yourself permission to act on this choice. That is when your physical body and all the organs within it get into gear and your choice is exercised and implemented.

The cycle is performed at a cellular level and depending the health and vibration of your cells, it transmutes across your entire body or remains limited to a specific region.

The health of your cells is compromised only when you take the eye off the ball and give your cells permission to become lax in performing their assigned duties.

So when you say that “sudden change in weather can give me a cold” or “strong smells cause my migraines”…. and so on, you make a subconscious choice to give over the control of the health of your cells to outside circumstances.

You accept this and give permission to your cells to be affected by the goings on around them. They become lax and you start experiencing different reactions. You join the dots by applying the logic of your mind and declaring the situation to be the truth for you. A physiological change occurs to collude with the permissions you give your cells.

Given that you started the cycle in the first place, you can reverse it by taking back control and doing this with understanding, compassion and patience. Doing it with diligence and discipline until you are in perfect tuning with your cells. You will be in complete communication with them.

Now you can then give them permission to return to their assigned duties as you step into your truth and get back on track, following through with your mission.

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