an angel holding a knifeThe physiology of Revenge: On the surface, a situation may seem like it could justify the act of revenge. The question we ask you to ask is, what is the underlying motivation for this act of Revenge? Vengefulness is a mentality. It is a mentally-stimulated provocation based on a meaning we have given to an action that has occurred.

The act in itself is just an act. It is what we make that act mean that triggers the emotional reaction and generates the mental justification for the decision to take revenge. What if you make a conscious choice and choose to detach all meaning from every action? Choose to be present to the act and experience the consequence of the action in a non-judgmental way with full awareness by accepting it just as it is.

Notice also your emotional response and accept that too just as is. As you do this, you start gravitating towards your centre and reconnect to the essence of you and feel that warm glowing flow of your power-force into your core.

As you step into your magnificence, embody, embrace and experience your majestic presence. Vengefulness disappears and you see the world for what it truly is, wonder-full, colour-full, divinely-guided and miraculous with a lightness of being.

You crack open and step out of the matrix. Then it’s time to celebrate and rejoice the spreading of this connection. Rock the world exhilarated, celebrating grace and gratitude in the moment rather than hurling rocks at one another and causing death and destruction.

Every time you feel something warrants revenge, just plug into your majestic core and this too shall pass.
Hurt for hurt creates a hurtful world. Damage for damage causes widespread destruction. Bad for bad multiplies badness. Just know that ‘hurt’ and ‘bad’ are just meanings you made up as a choice to describe an experience that starts the domino effect.

I invite you to make an empowered choice. The domino effect is inevitable, so let’s empower, not destroy. Make a conscious choice.

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