lightning falling from the skyPOWER: You are the power that you behold, that you recognize, that you allow yourself to receive and accept of yourself. You are all powerful and how much of this you choose to uphold is up to you. Your power does not diminish; it is strengthened as time goes by. It is up to you to choose how much of this you reveal to yourself and to the world, even when you may have given your power away to others, other circumstances or situations. When you recognize and agree to accept the power held within you, it is reinstated to the full extent that you are willing to share with the world, standing and being at one with the highest being you can possibly be. There is power in balance and when you get that you can be powerful and still be balanced. Recognize the powerful being you are and show up embracing all aspects of you with love, in grace and joy. Celebrate the IRISH in you….

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