two children standing in a fieldBring it on, bring it on, bring it on… The joy of childhood, bring it on. It’s about reconnecting children to the joy of childhood and reawakening the adults to the lost, and sometimes hidden, world of the joys of childhood.

Take twenty minutes, once or twice a week. Go on a treasure hunt with your kids, or kids around you or just by yourself. Look out for magical treasures in everyday things, seek out hidden, secret surprises in everyday objects. Do this for ten minutes. Gather your bounty.

Sit and lay it out in a grand display around you. Share the treasure you uncovered and keep going until the bountiful joys of childhood wonder grow and get out of bounds. Repeat as often as you like.

It uplifts the quality of the experiences that enrich your life beyond anything you could have or would have dared to imagine. This is YOUR life. Bring it forth, come alive and multiply.

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