candle in the shape of a sphereLove Story 3: We are now entering the realm of the third in a set of 7 love stories. The first was focussed on lust and began with Adam and Eve. The second focussed on self-interest and began at the advent of money as a currency of transaction. Today we start the third love story and this one is the one about true love and romance.

There is nothing true or false about love. Love is a given when you take birth on this planet. Like we said, you are love. All there is to do is to BE love and all actions desires and dreams you have about love come into fruition.

You experience love from sources known and unknown. It comes at you, flows through you, beams out from you and ROMANCE is the result. It becomes your reality.

Romance is a way of life, a life filled with wonder, joyous unbridled smiles and laughter, adventure and companionship, a treasure trove of happy moments.

When you get comfortable with receiving these experiences as a ROMANCE way of living your life being love, you become a magnet for the perfect person, people, places and opportunities to share these as you live them. Life becomes one big celebration of the festival of love where romance is the consequence. Welcome to the Love Story 3, the story of true love and romance.

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