bare tree in the middle of the waterThe dynamics of sadness: Sadness and sorrow are two opposite sides of the same coin. The coin’s denomination is happiness. How can that be? These emotions feel so different than what happiness feels like. Sure they do and here is the thing; these emotions of sadness or sorrow are essential for you to know the value of happiness. Just like without darkness there is no perception of the value of light. If it was light all the time, there would be nothing to emerge into.

These emotions create the longing for happiness and that sets the intention and the order for the universe to deliver on. So rather than shy away from these when they occur, welcome them instead, as they are an opening for joy to follow. Feel the excitement and flutter of positive anticipation in your heart whilst experiencing the sadness that is being released from your cells to make room for happiness to return and take hold. That is the dynamic cycle of sadness.

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