embers of a burning fireSolstice, poultice is the understanding shared with us today. A poultice is a warm wrapping that is used to extract and pull out the deep-seated toxicity that is the root cause of an inflammation. It pulls out the infection and eliminates it from the root without the distress of lancing the boil. It does this so perfectly that the pain is relieved, inflammation subsides and permanent healing occurs. There is no risk of an abscess as the cause of the inflammation is fully eliminated.

A poultice is a healing device for inflammation of the human body. The Solstice energy has the same effect on the body of the earth. It extracts deep-seated negative energies and supports the elimination of all that does not serve the planet. It is the energy that supports the permanent healing of inflamed aggravated energies on the planet. Its effectiveness is dependent on the skill, resilience and dedication of the applicators of this energy as a poultice on the planet.

Receive and be present to the healing power source that is delivered on your planet during the time of the Solstice.

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