sand dunes in morocco desertStillness or silence; You can be in silence and internally be in turmoil or you can be still whilst actively engaged in doing things of your choice. These are two very distinct states and each, if done with intention and awareness, supports the other.

Both are necessary and require active engagement and presence when you do choose to step into these states. The ultimate intention of both these states is the same; a deeper connection to the all-knowing energy that shows up within us as our inner knowing and is often termed as SOURCE.

In both these states the practice is one of allowing, receiving and accepting. Allow nature to nurture you, allow you to BE love and then the flow of love to you begins. Then allow yourself to receive love.

Knowing yourself as the beloved, you open yourself to be loved. In this state, stillness is a welcome experience and silence a gift of exuberance, where you step into the energy of being the beloved you are.

Stillness and silence are two roads to the same destination. You will travel both to reach the beloved’s inner sanctum within you. Come home and rejoice being you in the arms of your beloved.

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