sunrise over a hill, infront of a lakeIt’s a message from sunrise this morning and tonight:

“It’s time for us to connect to the sun inside of us. It’s for you to know that every cell in your being has the sun at its nucleus and our mood swings determine the times our sun rises or sets. It is in our way of being we create the ebb and flow of our emotional state which in turn affects our physical wellness. It’s time to claim our wellbeing, choose to be healthy prosperous and light. Coming home to our natural state of wonder and vibrant vitality. It’s in tuning ourselves to the sunrise in every cell experience that we activate our bodies to recalibrate and reconnect to their ability to heal themselves. Life is meant to be easy if we only choose to BE. We look for the vista of sunrise outside in nature. How about going within and experience the sun rising in every cell of your being? Feeling the warm glow of your body reclaiming its true nature and returning home to perfect health and vibrations. Try this next time you have a moment to spare or meditate. Go within and let the light show begin.”

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