man standing in fog wearing a touqueI feel pleased, proud and privileged to be human today. It’s inspiring to see the gatherings around the world of people demanding action on climate change. From the collection of shoes in Paris, where the march is prohibited, to the 8,000 that gathered in Perth Australia, the 30,000 that meditated for peace around climate change in Mexico, the actions initiated in India and not to forget the coverage that BBC is giving this whole issue. There is an air of hope around that the world leaders will make the right choices.
Even if they fall short, the movements are building and people are gathering so the job will occur, exactly as our mother Gaia wants it to. I connected to her through the red rock canyons in Australia last night and here is the message for us all to receive and engage in:

“It’s a time of hope, time of solace, time of serene certainty. It’s time to share openly what we believe in, what we stand for and declare our stand, put our stake in the ground and then just BE our resolve. What we are resolved about is real for us and that is what makes it come about and it becomes a reality in the world.

To know what you are resolved about you just have to look at what is occurring in your world. The conversations that are occurring around you are an indicator of your resolve. We invite you to get clear about your resolve, declare it, and BE as if it is so, done, achieved and SO IT IS. Step up your game and emerge into your full power.

The earth calls and the stage is set, come on in as you are the lead act in your show. Show up in your regalia, full throttle, giving the performance of your life. It’s time.”

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