girl running with dog across a beachGold, gold, gold – what is the rush about? Yes, it is the gold rush all over again, this time with a fundamental twist. Are you feeling it yet? Are you in the game or an observer on the stands? Are you preparing your horses or digging in your backyard? Are you a hunter or a gatherer? Time to make your choice.

If you choose to be the hunter, then go forth on a hunt for the gold and you will remain in the vibration of hunting for gold, as if it is something hidden that you have to find, hunt and own. The hunt is a game of mastering the chase and conquest. You win if you find the gold and own it. It is the same old, same old game of owning it, hiding it and hoarding it.

You could, instead, choose to be a gatherer. There is gold everywhere, it’s the “acres of diamonds” in the backyard phenomenon. We are in new times and these times require new types of resources to serve them, fresh attitudes to the phenomenon that is emerging right now.

The gatherers don’t need to chase or hunt, they know it’s there and the supply is infinite and all they have to do is gather that which they require and share as necessary, knowing they have even more bounty to gather from.

Gatherers have a degree of openness about the opportunities and openings that constitute gathering grounds. They know this is an ongoing process with interludes to keep walking your path.

We have moved from the age of competition, control and contrast to the 2016 energies of collaboration, co-creation, confidence, contribution, certainty and charm. What constitutes gold in the age of competition and contrast is very different than that which would classify as gold in the age we are in right now.

To grow your bounty, know that you are bountiful and collaborate, contribute, co-create. Do so with certainty, confidence and charm and see the tide turn, the gold rushes to you and you just continue doing what is yours to cause. Keep growing and multiplying the bounty in this bountiful world.

It is the GOLD RUSH this time, the gold rushes to you NOT the rush for GOLD.

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