pathway of trees forming a tunnelI was zoomed into a tree tunnel in my meditation this morning. Bathing in the beautiful life force whilst on this enhancing, energetic path, I received this message:

“Trees across the planet are connected to one another. We do this through our root system or fungi, spores, pollen and more that is beyond human comprehension. Our physical presence, that which your eyes see, is just the tip of the iceberg. Five times more than what you see exists in realms not directly visible to the human eye. We are as tall above as we grow down below. Sometimes going deep down, other times spreading wide. We, too, have an aura like humans and our ethereal reach is much, much higher and deeper than the human technology can currently measure.

You are constantly in a tree tunnel, even if it may not seem that way. It is a tunnel that we have created and connected across the planet to bring forth a calming acceptance of all that is. It is a tunnel of love, a tunnel of compassion, a tunnel of clarity and when you feel overwhelmed, a tunnel that constantly infuses life force even when humans may be engaged in self-destruction. We carry the powerful vibe of OK-ness. As you receive our presence, you connect into the tree tunnel and as you start walking your path we light up your path, making it easier and more comfortable for you to land as your intentions get realized. We want you to know this truth – all is not as it seems, the world is a far greener, grander and glorious place than it is made out to be. You choose what you wish to experience, the propaganda or the reality of what is.

What is, is full of wonder, full of color, miraculous, divinely guided and has a lightness of being. These are the core values that the tree beings live by and this is what comes alive for you as you walk through the tunnels of love, the tree tunnels, visible and invisible.

Feel the energy and you will know you are in the cosy embrace of the trees. You are enveloped in the OK-ness that enables you to be centered in any situation. We know the importance of this, so you can step onto your path and keep walking it, no matter what the distractions may be. We are waiting, ready and delighted to be of service to you, realizing the calling of your soul.”

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