water dripping out of a faucetSap of life:
The tree of life and the flower of life are both powerful activators. We wish to talk about the sap of life. The sap of life is water. Just like with the tree of life, ‘as above so below’, with the sap of life, water, ‘as inside so outside’. You are as much the water within your physical body as the body of water on your planet earth.

The quality of the water on your planet outside of your physical being is a direct reflection of the quality of the water within your being. You purify, energize and activate yourself and your water adopts and embodies those qualities and its behaviors start to affect the waters of the earth. As you choose to dump toxic waste and and suck out the water from your planet for selfish material gains, you start to toxify the human race.

You can change the widespread devastating destruction outside of you by getting your inner core to be at peace within yourself. You do this by experiencing and embodying grace and gratitude for all that is present and can be appreciated amidst the perceived devastation.

As you start to do that, with every breath you release, the moisture that forms from that carries the messages encoded in your water. The message of gratitude in this spreads across the planet and mixes with other water molecules in the air. The mobilization of peace is the consequence. The reverse is also true. If you breathe out anguish and anger, hate-fueled devastating events result and multiply.
Each person breathing out gratitude multiplies 740 times with each breath. With over 21,000 breaths per day, on average, each person can have a significant impact in imbibing the sap of life with the nourishment that results in peace.

There is no moment to delay so get started and play your part. Let’s program, energize and activate the sap of life with grace and gratitude, peace is the result. That’s what we mean when we say. Go forth and multiply.

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