letters lade out to say wordsSo it’s finally here and it’s here to stay The energies of the year 2016. The energies of cooperation, collaboration, co-creation, certainty, confidence and coalition. It’s a BIG C year this one and sets the tone for the times ahead.

Having received and practiced many of the ten ‘do’s’ received during the first ten days of January, I am pleased to share a huge understanding of the spoken word, the value of chants and the importance of chanting them aloud.

“We have flow systems, organ systems and life-force systems. Flow systems include the circulatory system, lymphatic system and glandular system. We also have a system of channels, chakras and nadis that determine the overall wellbeing of our physical body.

All of the channels that direct and serve our flow systems have their outlet in our mouth. The placement of the tongue in the different parts of the mouth as we speak stimulates the different channels with the energetic vibrational resonance of the word that is spoken. Hence the saying ‘our words give us our world.’ They do.

Our experiences are an exact vibrational match to our own inner vibrational frequencies. If the words we speak have such a massive effect then to transform our experiences, we just change the words we speak and speak them aloud to stimulate the channels and achieve a physiological shift, as well as the emotional shift in our vibrations.

Our words spoken aloud are the added stimulant that can accelerate our path to our intentions. This is the underlying reason for the Sanskrit mantras and the emphasis on chanting them aloud at least 108 times. The pacing of 108 achieves the necessary shift and the energy of the words uttered or chanted starts to flow through our various flow systems and infuse our cells.

Choose your words and speak them aloud. Choose positive, even outrageously uplifting ones and speak them aloud. Do so 108 times and notice the shifts occur to match what you say. You are the master of your universe. What you say, goes, so say that which matters most and that which uplifts, inspires and activates you to answer the calling of your soul.”

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