Leap day, Leap frog, Leap on.  Go forth and multiply.

Today is leap year day and there has been a strong energy build up leading up to this day. I received yesterday what is being set in motion today. This is a leap year, so these energy shifts will remain the focus as the planet evolves and resurges towards 2020. They will continue to expand, deepen and proliferate over the next four years.

Here are three very specific energy shifts that got invoked yesterday and activated today and are now reaching into each of the human beings on this planet:

  1. Reawakening the mothering vibration of unconditional care applied to ourself. This loving care of self produces an enlivening vibrant vitality in each being and in the environment. The result is the energizing infectious spread of joy.  29 (1)
  2. Reigniting self compassion and this leads to and results in compassionate coalitions, collaborations and co creations of projects partnerships family units the community the town the state the country.  29 (2)
  3. Enlightening and enlivening the understanding and relationship between beauty and truth. True beauty is being true to our nature. As we start getting the relatedness of truth and beauty we get a glimpse of what life is truly about.  29 (3)

It may have felt strong, over bearing or even light headed; as anything and everything that comes in the way of these energies taking root within us is released and removed from our beings. As this occurs we get closer and closer to reaching the complete alignment between our physical self and our higher self.  Welcome to a whole new world of enchanting engaging enlivening possibilities. Here’s to the next four years and our journey along the way.

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