“BE present to the presence of you. We play small, we duck and dive, we hide and prevent our selves from being discovered and revealed to the world.

BE present to the presence of you

Sometimes we even hide in the limelight by showing off our cloaked human disguise, we exaggerate, act out the part we have been given. All because what we fear, and fear most is the magnificence we hold inside.

We are afraid of the reactions and response to us showing up in our full majestic magical prowess. We choose to remain blissfully unaware of how powerful we are and in this quest to subserve our might we develop a practice of business that leads to distraction and accentuates the lack of presence. That is the story of the bygone era.

It’s time to step forth and show up and be present to the presence of us. As we start to get more and more comfortable with our own presence, we step into our magnificence and without even trying the magic of our beaming light shines through and we become drawn to its soft, glow, initially thinking it is coming from somewhere else. By the time we realize this glow is our inner light, we are embodied in it and it expands like a shining star.

The more we remain present to our presence, the more we humbly rise, sharing, shining and showering the path we walk on, with the light in our vibrations, spreading and multiplying our gifts and talents with ease grace and joy.

It’s time to be present to our presence and beam out our inviting smile.”

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