“Be your word and your word gives you your world. Our words count, even as we think them Our words do give us our world. They do so consistently. We are constantly manifesting that which we put into words, in our thoughts or say them aloud. How can this be you may ask.

Be your word and your word gives you your world

Well let’s consider this: “I want to be a millionaire” some say. You stay in the state of wanting to be a millionaire, you don’t become one. “I desire unconditional love and a relationship that is honoring of who I am” some may ask. There is an undertone, thought that they are not honored in relationships, and what occurs is something that keeps them desiring this state and never getting it.

You are invited to engage with the words you speak, the works you don’t say and the words you think. It’s the sum total of all that which is taken as your instruction to the universe and your world reflects this in your reality.

When you BE your word, you are in the full experience of the words you are sharing. When you do so, see the magnetic vibrations kick into action and within moments you will see your dreams, desires, loves and likes manifest. It’s a click of a finger, blink of an eye manifestation time and the key through this door is in your words.

Your words give you all the experiences that make up your world.”

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