“Beauty full, Wonder full, Color full, Joy Full, Awe full, Bliss full, Care full, Cheer full, Grace full, Force full, Gain full, Bounty full … are each a complete phrase.

Beauty full, Wonder full, Color full

For example, Awe full is something or some one or some place that fills you with Awe rather than Awful. Beautiful is full of beauty. Wonderful is filled with wonder. Graceful is blessed full with grace. Forceful, is powered with force. Careful is brimming with compassionate care.

In making these one word, we took some shortcuts and changed the meaning of many of these full words. It’s good to be aware that the intention of adding full at the end of the word was to complete the phrase.

So use these full words with awareness and enjoy the fullness they bring to you. Be vigilant in your language as using full words such as FEAR FULL will have the same effect of filling you with fear.

Enjoy the fullness of life by coming alive experiencing the fullness of the words that end in full.”

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