Our body is the most amazing, the most refined, the most efficient architectural and engineering masterpiece“Our body is the most amazing, the most refined, the most efficient architectural and engineering masterpiece. It has been programmed and tuned to self correct any eventuality or malfunction.

Our cells go through a cycle of birth and death and are recycled every three months. We have a whole new body every 9 months, every physical part of our body is reborn.

There are 5 inputs that feed our cells every day and provide the raw material for their regeneration; water, air, food, life-force (prana or Qi) and emotions.

The self correction mechanism of the physical body is propelled by the connection to our spirit. The stronger the connection the faster the regeneration.

For complete recovery from a chronic or severe illness requires harmonization of our physical emotional mental and spiritual wellbeing. The body is programmed to recalibrate itself to achieve this harmony.

The terrain of our physical body inside is reflected outside in the environment that surrounds us. The environment outside is also brought into our inside. It is a continues flow and an even exchange of vibrations.

The key to vibrant vitality is to focus our attention on allowing our bodies to recalibrate and return to its optimum state. If required you can embark on a focussed rebirthing regime encompassing the 5 key inputs and the connection to spirit. Do this for 3 months and see the years fall away, revitalized and rejuvenated the natural way.

This is a self administered youthenizing choice, where the results are guaranteed. Youthfulness returns, joy takes home within you, the smile from your organs travels to your lips and they share a beaming smile, the light energies flowing in and out of your body sparkle in your eyes, brain fog lifts revealing a clear centered consciousness. The connection is made, the spark ignited and you awaken the mission of your soul.”

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